Yüksel Arslan at the Venice Biennale


Yüksel Arslan’s artwork are among the most shocking and crude that you will get the possibility to see this year at the Biennale in Venice. They immediately attract your attention through their style and the themes in them with graphic details; they paint surrealistically the history of Turkey, the artist’s home country.

Starting from 1955, Yüksel Arslan has made over 700 artworks reinventing historical narratives, religious stories and biological taxonomies. They are mostly painted with earthy colours through the use of a special paint formula whose ingredients include potash, egg whites, honey, oil, bone marrow, blood and urine.

To see Yüksel Arslan’s works you have time until November, when the Biennale in Venice will close. If you want to see the lagoon city during this period, do not forget to book your stay with Albergo Marin!