Venice: Volo dell’Asino (Donkey’s Flight)


The Donkey’s Flight (Volo dell’Asino) is Mestre’s response to the more known Volo dell’Angelo (Angel’s Flight) that opens every year the Carnival period in Venice. It’s a festive event and a grotesque parody of its more famous “cousin” that pokes fun at it animating the small Ferretto Square.

Differently from the Angel’s Flight, Mestre’s has a recent history. It was born as a mere joke in 2002 when Roberto Cargnelli, president of the Mandragola association, convinced actor Andrea Pizzato to dress up as a donkey and to lower himself from the Tower of Via Poerio. During the following years different personalities performed during the event; among them we count the rowing champion Nicola Dall’Acqua, the figure skater Giulia Cotogno and Luigi Sicuranza.

In just ten years what was born as a parody has become a tradition, and of course this will also follow in 2013.

To see the Donkey’s Flight in Mestre and go and see the Carnival in Venice, remember to book your hotel!