Venice: Venetian Dialect


The main characteristic of the Venetian dialect is its musicality: to a person that is not used listening to it, it could provoke a smile due to its highly flexible intonations and its exaggerate tones. You will certainly get to hear it while walking through Venice’s streets.

As you probably have already heard, every region of Italy has its own dialects which have evolved across the centuries, each of which mirrors the places’ history of invasions and foreign influences. In some cases, the inflection can be noticed by city in city. This is the case of Venice and its peculiar Venetian Dialect.

The Venetian dialect, also known as Veneto’s lagoon dialect, is a variant of the regional dialect spoken in the lagoon and the surrounding area. This is divided in several different categories such as the chioggiotto, the pellestrinotto, the Burano dialect and from the northern lagoon the caorlotto and the mainland Venetian.

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