Venice: il Volo dell’Angelo (Angel’s Flight) 2013


 The Volo dell’Angelo (Angel’s Flight) is one of the many peculiar traditions that belong to the Carnival of Venice. According to legend it all started during the 15th century when a young acrobat managed to reach the top of the San Marco Campanile using only a weight to keep his balance on the rope held through the square. The act was sensational, and even more so when the young man descended down to the Doge’s balcony in Palazzo Ducale to greet him. The event was nicknamed Svolo del Turco (Flight of the Turk), and people asked for it to be repeated in later editions of the Carnival.

As years passed the tradition evolved in today’s Volo dell’Angelo (Angel’s Flight). The modalities in which it happens are less dangerous and do not include acrobatic prowess, but the marvel that this event that starts the carnival is not less.

As every year, a surprise guest star will lower him or herself towards the square below while the TV cameras of the whole world are watching.

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