Venice Hotel city tax at Albergo Marin


From August the 24th 2011, Venice government decided to re-introduce the so called “city-tax“, with the purpose of use all raised funds to improve Venice facilites, restore building, promote our city and give to all our visitors a better service. This tax has to be paid cash at departure, it’s never included in given price (even if you reserved via a travel agent or an online travel site), and it’s calculated this way (in all one star hotel):

1.00 euro per person per night in high season
– 0.50 euro per person per night in low season
– free of charge for children under 10 y.o., 50% of full price for guys under 16
– free of charge for all from the sixth day of your stay

High season has to be considered:

– up to October the 31st 2011
– from December the 5th to December the 11th 2011
– from December the 23rd 2011 to January the 9th 2012
– Carnival (10-21 of February 2012)
– from April the 1st to October the 31st 2012
– during 8th of  December 2012 week
– from December the 23rd to December the 31st 2012

Please be so kind to help our work paying city tax with coins once here, we know we bother you but this rule is annoyng to us too!

P.s. For our apartments, city tax is 2.50 per person per night in high season, with same reductions schedule of above.