Venice Carnival 2011: from sensations to Sissi, tribute to women


In 2011, after several years of Carnival Sensation, there will be a change in main venice Carnival theme: this year indeed, everything turns around two ideas, of which the first is a return to the classicism, represented by the figure of princess Sissi, seen as all women’s personification.  The second instead is the concept of unification, as 2011 is the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unity (see also Venice 2011 Biennale, Padiglione Italia)

On February the 26th the usual “angel flight” is the official Carnival kick off: the godmother will be launched from the Campanile of San Marco at noon to make official celebrations begin, even if this edition will be a weekend longer than usual, as it starts on Sunday the 20th, when an amazing regatta over the grand canal has been scheduled. Last Carnival day, the so called Martedì Grasso, coincides this year with  March the 8th, Traditional Women’s Day: for this occasion, women will be honored with a silent boat race along the Grand Canal, which will be deprived of all the artificial lights, replaced by thousands of candles placed along the route.

The Venetian administration is already preparing everything in order to entertain guests and citizens, as they are going to be called in first person to give a substantial contribution to this festival, to make it more impressive day by day. The organizers believe that a good indicator of Carnival success could be the interest of local population in following up this event, by partecipating at its events and dressing typical carnival costumes.