Venice and Egypt exhibition at Palazzo Ducale


From Cleopatra’s times, everywhere in Europe people put interested looks at Egyptian culture, with its Pyramids, populations, the magic of Nile river able to make sands fruitful as nowhere else, its gods, half human half animals. Starting from January the 22nd, c/o Sala dello Scrutinio, inside the Ducal Palace, it is possible to re-live some of main connection between venecian and egyptian cultures, from 882 on, when San Marco’s rest where traslated from Alessandria to Venice itself, to keep them inside the omonimous Church.

So, through more than 300 masterpieces of first level painters, as Tiziano, Giorgione, Caffi, Piranesi, Tiepolo e Tintoretto, it will be possible to admire key events of common history of Venice and Egypt, and since they are so wide in number it can be possible to talk about them sharing in a continuum we can call “mediterranean culture”. There’re therefore many daily life scenes, as well as merchants drawn while doing their trades, or archeological heroes (Belzoni in primis), those we could call thieves nowadays: this exceptional relationship between the two cultures is more strenght if we consider that Venice from 1000 d.c. has been the first and sole city in Europe to have its original name translated in arabic (Al-bunduqiyya), or that it was a Venecian citizen, Mr Negrelli, the engineer called to build Suez Channel in 1869 (even if there were three centuries of venecian studies on this project c/o Marciana library).

A unique, unlosable opportunity to admire such an amazing exhibition. Tickets can be bought together with Ducal Palace entrance (16.00 euro in total), or alone (10.00 euro). This event is open every day but on December the 25th and January the 1st. To get more infos please visit civic museums of Venice official website.