The venetian Gondola


The Venetian gondola is considered the most beautiful boat in the world and universal symbol of the city of Venice. The beauty of the gondola is given by the sinuous and elegant lines, wonderful environment in which it moves, but also by its uniqueness in building: it iis 11 meters long and weighing 600 kg, the result of a construction technique so excellent that it can be steered with agility and ease by one person and with only one oar.

Every detail of the gondola has a specific symbolism, especially metal ones, where it binds the formal elegance with practicality and utility. The iron prow of gondola, called “fero de bow” or “dolfin”, serves to balance the weight of the gondolier and is shaped like a “s” that should simulate the performance of the Grand Canal. Under the main blade has a sort of comb consists of six teeth (tines) that reminds of the six distriscts (“sestieri” in Venetian) of Venice.