“Supernatural” Exhibition


Once again, in honor of the series of events that are animating this summer due to the Biennale, a new exhibition with international importance has opened in Venice. It’s Supernatural, an exhibition that will last up until the last days of November at the Officina delle Zattere. Everything has been organized by Francesco Elisei and Fabio Anselmi.

Supernatural presents artwork by eight famous contemporary artists from Bangladesh who belong to a group named “Chhakka“. These artists use a large selection of mediums to produce their pieces. An example is Lala Rukh Selim, a woman that has experienced work with both painting and sculpture in the search of a link with her country.

In the exhibition you will also find artwork by Gavin Rain (South African) and Gianfranco Meggiato (Venetian), making it truly international.

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