The decision: stop to online travel agencies


The emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted, once more, the negative attitude of travel website, literally know as OTA (online travel agents). Despite the Italian law created a specific article, thanks to all the people not able or unwilling to come in the next months are eligible to get a voucher instead of a refund, most of the OTAs, BOOKINGCOM in primis, substituted the rule with its own directives, which are by far against the Italian law and a huge problem for hotels: Bookingcom forces all hotels to refund guests (with hotel’s money) instead of preparing travel vouchers. Now, if guests could consider this a very fair act of Booking, you must remember hotels are currently closed, with no cash flows anymore and plenty of expenditures still, without  a certain re-opening day.

Therefore, Albergo Marin, as other venetian (not only) hotels did, has taken the decision to stop working with travel sites by now, waiting for something to change. To book our hotel you can use our official website only, call or mail us. We are waiting for you, we need you now more than even!