Robert Crumb and the Genesis Illustrated Book at the Biennale


Robert Crumb was born in Philadelphia in 1943 from a marine father and a catholic mother. The person that influenced him the most in his life was his older brother, who introduced early in life to graphic novels. The both of them founded together a small journal of which they published three numbers.

He then started working as a greeting cards illustrator, abandoning quickly this occupation and dedicating himself to drawing comics.

One of Crumb’s artworks is the most precise and extraordinary that you will meet in the whole Biennale this year. The artist has devoted 5 years of his life to the illustration of this graphic novel that tells all the story of the Genesis, making it as realistic as possible. Crumb is as graphic as he needs to be, recounting precisely every word narrated in the holy writings. The 207 original pages (50 chapters) are exposed on the walls of one of the walls of the Arsenal.

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