Pawel Althamer at the Venice Biennale


This year at the Venice Biennale you will find also Pawel Althamer, who has been dedicated an entire hall within the arsenal. This Polish artist has focused on the fragility of the human soul through video, sculptures and performances since his debut. In some cases he has tested the limits of his own body participating in his artwork: he has experimented with LSD, with truth serum, hashish and cold water the limits and different scenarios of his mind.

Since he was young he has worked with sculptures, starting by using hair and intestines to create them. Everything evoked the human body through organic materials. This theme is also covered in the Biennale installation.
Pawel Althamer has prepared Venetians, a series of 80 sculptures realized in plastic material that symbolize the inhabitants of Venice. They are figures eternally waiting for something, all grouped in a spectral portrait of the city.

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