Mira’s Befana


 As per tradition, across all of Italy thousands of shiny bonfires with Befane (old hags) in the middle are light after the holidays. There are only a few other special events right before the Carnival period, and the Befana bonfire of Mira Porte is one of these.

The latter, even if a week late in respect to all the others, will be no less fun and filled with traditional games, sport events, animation and food sampling. The kids will be the happiest of all as they will have another opportunity to eat sweets and cakes due to the Befana being late this years!
The “Festa dea Befana” (feast of the old hag) starts at 14:00 (the start of the bonfire is expected to be at 17:30) and will end at approximately 19:00 on Sunday 13th February. Everything will be organized by Pro Loco Mira in Piazzetta Mira Porte.

If you want to see this interesting local event, remember to book your hotel in Venice!