Jean François Niceron. Perspective, retroreflective & artificial magic


Niceron argued that all human existence was dictated by top secret mathematical codes.

The exhibition reconstructs, through a very detailed analysis, the expressive world of Niceron following the charming interpretation of rhetorical patterns present in his treatise; it virtually covers the complex of the spaces that host the anamorphosis ‘twin’ of the Fathers Niceron and Maignan and it includes the value of initiation; along the paths of the Roman and French correspondence of the author, the exhibition investigates the political secrets of its geometric and optical-games, assignable to the poetics of the doubt developed by René Descartes. The (physical and virtual) reconstructions collected in this exhibition, never as in this case, as in the word illusion show (in ludus) hides a playful component, exerted by Niceron the border between art and science.

Until May 31, 2013 at Palazzo Badoer!