Jakub Julian Ziolkowski at the Venice Biennale


Jakub Julian Ziolkowski’s paintings are among the most disturbing and interesting that you will see this year in the whole Biennale of Venice. This artist has been dedicated a small section where to expose his artwork appositely created for this event.

His phantasmagorical paintings pulsate of an alien and mutant life; the plants fuse with the human body in a graphic atmosphere of breasts, leaves, plants, and eyes. The organs exit the body, hair grow on inanimate objects, faces are deformed. Grotesque reigns over a surreal and menacing world where dark and yellowish colours prevail.

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski is an artist that not everybody loves, but if you want to see his controversial paintings in the Biennale of Venice book your stay with us at Albergo Marin!