Regata Storica 1 Settembre 2013


Today in Venice we celebrate the Regata Storica which is together a sport competition and a historical reenactment that takes place the first sunday of September.

During the first years of the Serenissima Republic, in the venetian lagoon people were very used to have fun practicing the voga. From this amatorial practice, truly fastness and endurance contests were born, with precise modality and rules.

The manifestation has two phases: the historic parade and, then, the competition.
Since the 50’s, the water procession that opens the celebration reminds the triumphal greeting for the Queen of Cyprus, Caterina Cornaro who arrived in Venice in 1489, after the throne abdication in favour of Venice.

The venetian voga contests are:
– the regata de le maciarele, for children until 12 years old
– the regata de le maciarele, for children until 14 years old
– the regata dei giovanissimi on pupparini with two oars
– the regata of women on mascarete with two oars
– the regata of bisse of Garda Lake
– the regata on caorline with six oars
– the regata of champions on gondolini with two oars

The title of King of the Oar (“Re del Remo”) is the prize given to the participant who wins five times in a row the conclusive regata of champions on gondolini; it is considered the most prestigious prize because of its difficulty and because it is released by local authorities.

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