Hot Chocolate in Costume at Cafè Lavena


Lavena is one of Venice’s most ancient and important Cafè’s. It’s located in San Marco Square, and as many other bars in the area it holded a very important position within the social and cultural life of the Veneto region’s capital. Sure enough, in the past this place was a meeting spot for artists of the caliber of Wagner and Gabriele d’Annunzio, who often visited it.

Cafè Lavena will host this year an event that it held since the 18th century and that has since then become traditional: it’s the Hot Chocolate in Costume, an elegant way to show off your carnival costume within one of the city’s most renoved cafès. You can meet new and interesting people in the same place that has served as a cultural gathering for some of Europe’s most brilliant minds.

The event will take place February 9th at 16.30; the dress code is obviously in costume.

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