History of Venezia Santa Lucia Railway station


The project for the construction of the railway station of Venice Santa Lucia experienced various delays after writing a final draft. The Italian rationalist, the architect Angelo Mazzoni, was the first to develop plans for the station in 1924, studying different solutions for over a decade.

In 1934 there was a competition for the design of the station, which was won by Virgilio Vallot, but his project remained dormant until 1936, when it was decided to entrust the construction of the building for travelers to the company Mazzoni and Vallot (which continued until 1943). The final solution was completed after World War II on the basis of a draft drawn up by the architect Paolo Perilli.

However, the construction of the railway began in 1860. To make room for the station was demolished in 1861 the convent and the church of Saint Lucia.

You know that, although there are 23 tracks, there is no track 20?

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