Giardino Sonoro: an experiment related to the concept of ecologically sound


At the Giardino delle Vergini of the Arsenal, for the opening of the 56th International Festival of Contemporary Music by the Venice Biennale, it was organized the Giardino Sonoro, an interesting experiment related to the concept of ecologically sound. The garden will be open thanks to the Biennale Architettura ticket and individual tickets for performances of the Biennale Musica.

The Giardino Sonoro, where space model sounds or sounds makes space model, is designed by a team of specialists – architects, designers, engineers, planners, technology integrators – led by Lorenzo Brusci and Simone Conforti, gathered under the name of Architettura Sonora and since 2009 working in the department for research established by a leader company in the world of speakers.

The project developed by them, called Automatic Soundscape Generation (ASG), was created in order to retrain all those environments that are disfigured by noise.