Figurative Contemporary Murrina and Jewels: Murrine



This initiative has been open in Venice since a couple of weeks, and has seen as its protagonist one of the city’s symbols: glass and the art of knowing how to work it. The Glass Museum in Palazzo dei Vescovi di Torcello will host two different exhibitions contemporaneously: the first one is on the figurative contemporary murrina by Antonio and Mario Dei Rossi. The second will have Giusy Moretti as a protagonist, that will present her collection of jewels, brooches, rings, necklaces and pendants. Chiara Squarcina will be the curator of both.
You will follow the path of the methods of the art of elaboration of Venetian glass through vases, murrinas, and jewels: you will discover the incredible amount of work that hides behind every colour and shade. If you are not familiar with the process, Mario and Antonio Dei Rossi themselves will guide you through the trasformation of these artworks. It will remain open until the end of the holiday period!

If you want to visit the exhibition on the contemporary figurative murrina, do not forget to book your stay with Albergo Marin.