Cleaning processes at Albergo Marin – April 2020


As the world is living such an unreal moment, “frozen” while waiting to solve the COVID-19 pandemic issue, here at Albergo Marin we are continuing to develop our BIO approach with respect to our cleaning processes.

Referring to the cleaning of public spaces and rooms, including kitchen and breakfast hall, we are going to continue with the material supplied by MAGRIS S.p.A., which already gives us our courtesy set (shampoo, soap, shower gel) made up following a BIO approach.

Moreover, the pluriannual cooperation with EKONORE is supposed to grow up with a very important achievement: after the anti-mosquitos system (completed in 2019), the deratization (for law), the check against bugs and beatles and especially the prevention against bed bugs (which we make once every two months, with a qualified technician who checks all the rooms for in full), starting from the end of March 2020 we bought a particular machine “ozone” based able to sterilize each room or environment before the guest enters, as it removes smells, bacteria, molds and viruses.

We really hope you can be our guest in the future and that you could appreciate all these efforts we are trying do to for you, for us!