Hotel Albergo Marin becomes a SKY hotel

Starting form July 2012 at Hotel Marin we are proud of our new special service we wish to give to our loved guests for free: a complete set of SKY tv channels. May be some of you couldn’t be interested in that, but it allows you to watch international programs in the original language or in english. All our rooms have now tv color with SKY tv connection, and you can see everything but specail contents, which can be bought in pay per view at following prices:

  • sport contents (soccer games): 5.00 euro per event
  • adult contents: 8.00 euro per event
  • movies: 10.00 euro per event

If you wish to buy a particular content it’s very easy: you can contact our reception by dialing number 9 on your room phone and give us the code of the event you want to see, or send a sms to the number you see in your room. In both the two case you pay the event at departure from the hotel (we do not see which event you are watching).
We also remind you it  is possible to see several events in the lobby or at our bar: you can read daily program on the blackboard you find at the entrance, and come downstair a thte roght time to watch your favourite program (i.e. London 2012 olympic games can be seen at our bar for free). External guests can access our bar, asking the receptionist and paying a mandatory drink.

We wish you a good vision and we hope this service can be important for your Venice hotel choice anytime you wish to visit our amazing city, especially if you are loooking fr  a SKY hotel in Venice.

Attention: SKY TV has no extra costs but pay per view events. Apartments do not offer SKY tv (but San Marcuola, even if it has no pay per view).

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The week of culture on April 2012

From April the 14th to the 22nd, this year 2012, the 14th week of culture takes place in Italy: this is a very good opportunity for you all to discover our enormous cultural heritage since there’s the possibility to visit all public museums for free (even if civic museums are still payable). If you wish to take a look at those where you can enter for free, you can simply click on the official website: don’t lose this chance and reserve your Venice stay in April and benefit of this special Country promotion! Take in mind Italy owns more than 80% of most important cultural Goods…

Venice and Egypt exhibition at Palazzo Ducale

From Cleopatra’s times, everywhere in Europe people put interested looks at Egyptian culture, with its Pyramids, populations, the magic of Nile river able to make sands fruitful as nowhere else, its gods, half human half animals. Starting from January the 22nd, c/o Sala dello Scrutinio, inside the Ducal Palace, it is possible to re-live some of main connection between venecian and egyptian cultures, from 882 on, when San Marco’s rest where traslated from Alessandria to Venice itself, to keep them inside the omonimous Church.

So, through more than 300 masterpieces of first level painters, as Tiziano, Giorgione, Caffi, Piranesi, Tiepolo e Tintoretto, it will be possible to admire key events of common history of Venice and Egypt, and since they are so wide in number it can be possible to talk about them sharing in a continuum we can call “mediterranean culture”. There’re therefore many daily life scenes, as well as merchants drawn while doing their trades, or archeological heroes (Belzoni in primis), those we could call thieves nowadays: this exceptional relationship between the two cultures is more strenght if we consider that Venice from 1000 d.c. has been the first and sole city in Europe to have its original name translated in arabic (Al-bunduqiyya), or that it was a Venecian citizen, Mr Negrelli, the engineer called to build Suez Channel in 1869 (even if there were three centuries of venecian studies on this project c/o Marciana library).

A unique, unlosable opportunity to admire such an amazing exhibition. Tickets can be bought together with Ducal Palace entrance (16.00 euro in total), or alone (10.00 euro). This event is open every day but on December the 25th and January the 1st. To get more infos please visit civic museums of Venice official website.


Venice Hotel city tax at Albergo Marin

From August the 24th 2011, Venice government decided to re-introduce the so called “city-tax“, with the purpose of use all raised funds to improve Venice facilites, restore building, promote our city and give to all our visitors a better service. This tax has to be paid cash at departure, it’s never included in given price (even if you reserved via a travel agent or an online travel site), and it’s calculated this way (in all one star hotel):

1.00 euro per person per night in high season
– 0.50 euro per person per night in low season
– free of charge for children under 10 y.o., 50% of full price for guys under 16
– free of charge for all from the sixth day of your stay

High season has to be considered:

– up to October the 31st 2011
– from December the 5th to December the 11th 2011
– from December the 23rd 2011 to January the 9th 2012
– Carnival (10-21 of February 2012)
– from April the 1st to October the 31st 2012
– during 8th of  December 2012 week
– from December the 23rd to December the 31st 2012

Please be so kind to help our work paying city tax with coins once here, we know we bother you but this rule is annoyng to us too!

P.s. For our apartments, city tax is 2.50 per person per night in high season, with same reductions schedule of above.

In Praise of Doubt at François Pinault Foundation Punta della Dogana

From April the 10th 2011 until December the 31st 2012, the exhibition “In Praise of Doubt” takes place at François Pinault’s Foundation, which situated  in the center of contemporary art of Punta della Dogana, close to Salute church. This important exposure is cured by Caroline Bourgeois and gives a terrific chance to twenty contemporary artists from all around the world to make their works known by a huge amount of people; take also in mind that for half of them it’s the first time they appear in this collection. Some works are realized exclusively for the Venetian center and some of the recurrent topics in the exhibition are agitation and the relationship between work, privacy and personal sphere.
Opening time: every day from 10 am to 7 pm. Closed every tuesday and December 24th and 25th.
Full ticket: € 15.00 – Reduced ticket: € 10.00

Barry X Ball at Ca’ Rezzonico Museum | Venice events

Ca’ Rezzonico, the so called “museum of ‘700” of  Venice, from June the 2nd to September the 11th 2011 host an amazing expo, where it is possible to admire more than 20 works of Barry X Ball, an important U.S. artist. His work consists in the attempt of sharing classic art with contemporary art, thanks to 3D representations of some classic sculpures, from the Ermaphrodite of Louvre Museum to certain Ca’ Rezzonico materpieces, rebuilt by Barry X Ball in his “Purity” and “Envy”. The result he obtains is impressive, as it’s able to link exposition spaces and works perfectly, finding out one of the most difficult art purposes to reach, a 360° fusion between environment and objects.

Paolo Veronese at Palazzo Grimani in Venice, Ester’s histories

After a long an deep refurbishment, it is possible to admire again the impressive works of Paolo Veronese, originally put on the roof of Saint Sebastian’s church: from April the 21st to July the 24th, Palazzo Grimani in Venice gives you the possibility to see three famous operas of the celebre italian painter (“Il ripudio di Vasti”, “Ester incoronata da Assuero”, “Il trionfo di Mardocheo), since they are exposed at eyes level, for the first and last time ever. After this event they will put over the roof again. It is possible to enter the exposition everyday from 9.00 to 19.00 (but on Monday, from 14.00 to 19.00), price is 7.00 euro per person (reduced 5.00 euro)

Festival del Cinema di Venezia, Venice movie Festival

This year the Movie Festival, know as “Festival del Cinema di Venezia“, celebrates its 68th edition: starting from August the 31st, this amazing event ends on September the 10th after eleven days of movies, parties, important actors and actresses showing themselves over the red carpet of Venice Lido. Venice in this period is so full of people which seems as the Rome of the “Dolce Vita” of Federico Fellini: loved from everybody and thought as the capital of the entire Cinema. And remember that so many times you could see George Clooney walking with Elisabetta Canalis, or an always impressive Sofia Loren tasting a good wine sitting at Florian Cafè.

Vogalonga in Venice: history and 2011 edition

People are really looking forward to many events to occur here in Venice, but one of the most appreciated is Vogalonga, with no doubts. What does this word mean? It’s simple, it represent a famous no contest regatta which originally took place in 1975, which was so succesfull to reach more than 6.000 people driving  contesting in 2008 (1600 ships, incredible!).

Thanks to its particular no contest ratio, every year persons from all the world come here to partecipate to the event, whose real winner is once again Venice: imagine how happy could be your grandmother when having the whole family coming visiting her: this is Venice…come and discover 2011 Vogalonga on June the 12th!