“Leggere in Giardino”: Rediscovering the pleasure of Reading

This initiative will last just a few days divided between the months of June and July: it’s “Leggere in Giardino” (Reading in the Garden), an event that will be held in the garden of the Querini Stampalia Foundation in Campo Santa Maria Formosa. Everything will take place within an unexpected part of Venice, a hidden place created by architect Carlo Scarpa who wisely shaped its contours to create a magical atmosphere.

This scenario made of colours and light will be the setting for the “Leggere in Giardino” initiative, a cycle of meetings organized by Margherita Stevanato, an actress, director but also a reader. The objective is the one to rediscover the pleasure of reading. These small but interesting events are dedicated to all kinds of audiences, varying from adults to small children.

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Caro Exhibition at the Correr Museum

The city of Venice is full of life thanks to the recent opening of the Art Biennale. The museums have organized various exhibitions in honor of the event, and the famous Correr Museum has obviously done the same. Among the exhibitions we find the one dedicated to Sir Anthony Caro, the first in Italy dedicated in Italy to one of the world’s greatest living sculptors.

From the 1st of June up until the end of October you will have the chance of visiting “Caro al Museo Correr“, one of the cultural events you can’t miss this summer in Venice. The artist mainly makes use of metal and iron to create revolutionary sculptures, then set together with bolts. They are abstract, but filled with ideal meaning, and they represent the emblem of the modern British sculpture making.

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Sergei Nazarov’s “Memorie” Exhibition

A new exhibition organized by Sergei Nazarov, an artist by Saint Petersburg, is open in Venice since just a few day in honor of the Biennale that is now in the city. The theme is memory and recollection: the name of the exhibition is “Memorie” (memories), and it will remain open up until the last day of August in the rooms of Palazzo Zenobio.

Nazarov is a silent artist who entrusts all of his feelings to painting. Through art he communicates his memories and his melancholy: his favorite subjects are landscapes, especially the ones belonging to his past and childhood. Through “Memorie” we have the possibility of traveling through a very personal itinerary that goes through all the places and symbols of a rich artists.

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Marc Quinn Exhibition

Marc Quinn is a British sculptor known for being the author of Alison Lapper Pregnant, a statue showing a pregnant woman with a congenital disease (without her limbs) that was exposed in Trafalgar Square until the end of 2007.

Quinn is a controversial and peculiar artist; he has often made use of ice, blood and faeces in his artwork. His mission is to show the preoccupation for the mutability of the human body and the dualism that lies within mankind: spiritual and physical, cerebral and sexual.

Up until the 29th of November, you will be able to visit an exhibition with Quinn’s art as the protagonist in honor of the Biennale that has recently opened in Venice. You will have the possibility of seeing more than 50 pieces between sculptures, drawings and paintings all created by one of the major exponents of the Young British Artists.

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Venice’s 2013 Art Biennale

We are already in the second half of 2013, and just like every year the world’s most famous lagoon city has opened its door to a new edition of Venice’s Biennale. The preparation has been long and have involved people from all across the globe to show their artwork in the pavilions, entering a competition involving hundreds of other exhibitions which attract onlookers and experts alike.

The Biennale is one of the most important international contemporary art gatherings in the whole world, and it began in 1893. We are currently into the 55th edition, which has started on the 1st of June and will continue up until the 24th of November in the Arsenal Gardens (Giardini dell’Arsenale) and across all of Venice. The different countries will be divided across a series of pavilions exclusively dedicated to them, which will show the influence of the geography on the artwork and style.

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Bestiario Contemporaneo Exhibition (Contemporary Bestiary)

Another event realized during the 55th Venice Biennale. It’s Bestiario Contemporaneo (Contemporary Bestiary), an exhibition that will be held in Venice’s Museum of Natural History. It opened just a few days ago, and it will remain so up until October 24th in the Santa Croce Sestiere.

This exhibition was born from a collaboration between ACACIA-Amici Arte Contemporanea Italiana and the Fondazione Musei Civici Veneziani. Bestiario Contemporaneo wants to build a bridge between contemporary art and natural science.

We point out the most interesting artworks that you will get the chance to see. First of all, Paola Piviche‘s Leopardo (leopard), which wonders sinuously among cups of cappuccinos. The second is Maurizio Cattelan‘s Musicanti di Brema, a reference to an old fairy tale.

Bestiario Contemporaneo is a fascinating exhibition which can be visited by adults and kids alike. To see it, do not forget to book your stay with Albergo Marin!

Roy Lichtenstein Exhibition

The Vedova Foundation is organizing two exhibitions within the Magazzini Sale in Venice that has as protagonist artwork by Roy Lichtenstein. It’s 45 all together (among which we count drawings, sculptures, models, collages) created between 1965 and 1997, obtained from the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation and the Estate Roy Lichtenstein of New York

Roy Lichtenstein was born in New York from a middle-class family in 1923. His interest in art and jazz music began in his younger days. He participates to WWII as a technician in the military, and after the end of the war he resumes his education in university. He has worked as a designer and a decorator. In his later art, we find cartoon characters (such as Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse).

Lichtenstein is one of the most important exponents of the PopArt movement. If you want to participate to this exhibition, do not forget to book your stay with Albergo Marin!

Prima Materia Exhibition

Prima Materia has opened in honor of the 55th Venetian Biennale. Starting from May 30th, you will have the possibility of seeing in Punta della Dogana this exhibition arranged by Caroline Bourgeois and Michael Govan. The former monumental harbor acts as permanent headquarters for the François Pinault collection after a project where it was redeveloped by the François Pinault Foundation.

The exhibition opens with three installations by Lizzie Fitch & Ryan Trecartin – Public Cop, Porch Limit and Local Dorck. Images of people locked in a room will be constantly shown on a huge screen. It’s a way to underline the influence of contemporary art both in the public and the private sphere; from this concept we get to the name given to the exhibition.

You will get to see this and 80 other artworks realized between 1960 up to today, in a costant dialogue between the most important cultural movements.

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Jean François Niceron. Perspective, retroreflective & artificial magic

Niceron argued that all human existence was dictated by top secret mathematical codes.

The exhibition reconstructs, through a very detailed analysis, the expressive world of Niceron following the charming interpretation of rhetorical patterns present in his treatise; it virtually covers the complex of the spaces that host the anamorphosis ‘twin’ of the Fathers Niceron and Maignan and it includes the value of initiation; along the paths of the Roman and French correspondence of the author, the exhibition investigates the political secrets of its geometric and optical-games, assignable to the poetics of the doubt developed by René Descartes. The (physical and virtual) reconstructions collected in this exhibition, never as in this case, as in the word illusion show (in ludus) hides a playful component, exerted by Niceron the border between art and science.

Until May 31, 2013 at Palazzo Badoer!

Adele Fornoni Bisacco Collection

Burano’s merletti (laces) are among the most renowned in the whole world, and they constitute one of the heritages that characterize Venice. In Burano you can also find the Merletti Museum, within which you will be able to find a temporary exhibition with the Adele Fornoni Bisacco Collection.

The latter is composed of 50 pieces, every one of which has been collected by the noblewoman Adele Fornoni Bisacco Palazzi (1869 – 1968) throughout her life. The laces have been preserved with meticulous care, and they constitute one of the museum’s most important treasures. Through the exhibition you will travel through the history of the ancient art of laces thanks to specimen not only from Venice, but from all over Europe.

According to schedule they will remain visible only up until the 28th of April.

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