Ai Weiwei’s “Disposition”

This exhibition is one of the many events that lighten Venice’s summer life, using the aura of culture that permeates the city since thousands of years. It’s Disposition by Ai Weiwei, an important artist, designer and Chinese human right activist.

Two artworks by this artist will be exposed in Venice in two different spots of the city. The first one is Straight, a project that remembers the shape of an armor that was made using metal bars recovered from schools destroyed during the earthquake in Sichuan in 2008. This piece is currently found in the Zuecca Project Space.

The second one is called S.A.C.R.E.D. and is found in the Chiesa di Sant’Antonin. It’s a piece that shows the contradictions of modern Chinese life.

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Alison Lapper Pregnant

Since a few days the people of Venice have been able to see a peculiar statue that has been placed on San Giorgio Maggiore Island; an imposing white figure that hits the eye. It’s Alison Lapper Pregnant, one of the most important pieces created by Marc Quinns, important exponent of the Young British Artists generation.

This statue portrays a pregnant woman that was born with no legs or arms. It wants to emphasize the mutability and the duality of the human body: spiritual and physical, surface and depth, cerebral and sexual.

After traveling through the globe, Alison Lapper Pregnant has been brought to Venice because of the Art Biennale, in which Quinn has an exhibition completely dedicated to him. The sculpture was inaugurated in Trafalgar Square and remained then up until 2007; it was later seen at the London 2012 Olympic games as a sign of vitality and power of creativity. Alison Lapper Pregnant can be deflated, and this makes it easier to transport.

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Yüksel Arslan at the Venice Biennale

Yüksel Arslan’s artwork are among the most shocking and crude that you will get the possibility to see this year at the Biennale in Venice. They immediately attract your attention through their style and the themes in them with graphic details; they paint surrealistically the history of Turkey, the artist’s home country.

Starting from 1955, Yüksel Arslan has made over 700 artworks reinventing historical narratives, religious stories and biological taxonomies. They are mostly painted with earthy colours through the use of a special paint formula whose ingredients include potash, egg whites, honey, oil, bone marrow, blood and urine.

To see Yüksel Arslan’s works you have time until November, when the Biennale in Venice will close. If you want to see the lagoon city during this period, do not forget to book your stay with Albergo Marin!

Stefan Bertalan at the Venice Biennale

Stefan Bertalan is a Romanian artist whose most interesting artworks will be exposed in the Arsenale at the Venice Biennale up until the latter will close at the end of November. His works are hybrids that make use of notes and drawings on the natural world including plants, animals, insects and leaves.

Bertalan reflects on the geometric shapes and the movement of objects that uses elements from physics, biology, mechanics and philosophy. The margins of these peculiar artworks are filled with notes and calculations fruit of a personal research. His studies analyze the structure of snails, the movement of leaves when they fall and the growth of plants. Bertalan gets closer and closer to the elementary shapes of which the world is made, trying to understand how it works in his drawings.

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Robert Crumb and the Genesis Illustrated Book at the Biennale

Robert Crumb was born in Philadelphia in 1943 from a marine father and a catholic mother. The person that influenced him the most in his life was his older brother, who introduced early in life to graphic novels. The both of them founded together a small journal of which they published three numbers.

He then started working as a greeting cards illustrator, abandoning quickly this occupation and dedicating himself to drawing comics.

One of Crumb’s artworks is the most precise and extraordinary that you will meet in the whole Biennale this year. The artist has devoted 5 years of his life to the illustration of this graphic novel that tells all the story of the Genesis, making it as realistic as possible. Crumb is as graphic as he needs to be, recounting precisely every word narrated in the holy writings. The 207 original pages (50 chapters) are exposed on the walls of one of the walls of the Arsenal.

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Lin Xue at the Venice Biennale

Since when he was just a kid, Lin Xue always has a special interest in nature. Living in the countryside, he had an harmonic passion towards insects, nature and the vibrations in trees. When he grew up, he started expressing this love through art; with a single bamboo stick dipped in ink he created vivid drawings that represent imaginary world that exist in his fantasy. The small pen that Lin uses to draw does not keep in the ink, so he has to work very quickly.

At the Biennale in Venice a small section is dedicated to his artwork within the Arsenale. Until November you will have the possibility of visiting this exhibition and be amazed before the richness in detail that altogether creates a perfect miniature universe.

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J.D. Okhai Ojeikera at the Biennale in Venice

J.D. Okhai Ojeikera was brought up in a small Nigerian village without ever coming in contact with phography until his late teens. When he was twenty he bought an old when he first bought an old camera and started creating his own art, making photography his passion and obsession.

In the 50s he started working for the photography department in the Ministry of Information, and later he worked for the first Nigerian TV station after the country obtained its independence.

During this period Okhai started to document daily life aspects of his country through photos. His works are independent, and animated by a powerful love for his land.

At the Biennale in Venice you can see some of his most significant works, all taken from a collection that come from thousands of photos. They show Nigerian women wearing turbans and intricate hairstyle, representing also the change in fashion across the decades.

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Jakub Julian Ziolkowski at the Venice Biennale

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski’s paintings are among the most disturbing and interesting that you will see this year in the whole Biennale of Venice. This artist has been dedicated a small section where to expose his artwork appositely created for this event.

His phantasmagorical paintings pulsate of an alien and mutant life; the plants fuse with the human body in a graphic atmosphere of breasts, leaves, plants, and eyes. The organs exit the body, hair grow on inanimate objects, faces are deformed. Grotesque reigns over a surreal and menacing world where dark and yellowish colours prevail.

Jakub Julian Ziolkowski is an artist that not everybody loves, but if you want to see his controversial paintings in the Biennale of Venice book your stay with us at Albergo Marin!

The Sonnabend Collection

Ilenia Sonnabend has been one of the most important art merchants of the last century. She opened an art gallery in Paris after gaining notoriety in the American and international environment as one of the most influential talent discoverer of the second half of the 1900s. She is known for being a visionary with great instinct and a powerful character.

A new exhibition dedicated to all the discoveries made by Sonnabend has opened in Venice. You will be able to visit the Sonnabend Collection in the monumental International Gallery of Modern Art of CaPesaro. It will remain open until the end of September, so the time to visit it is limited.

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“Outsider in a Box” Exhibition

As you probably already know, Venice is particularly active during this period due to the opening 55th edition of the Biennale, which will protract until the end of summer. The museums are organizing various interesting initiatives, and the Jewish Museum of the lagoon city has done the same. Among the events going on there is Dwora Fried’s Outsider in a Boxexhibition.

Fried was born in Vienna from a Jewish family. This situation always made her feel like an outsider, separated from the masses, making her develop a peculiar prospective that is reflected in her art. Her artworks are small glass showcases that represent daily life scenes; they are often ironic or provocative, and they ask questions on identity and the certainties of our society.

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