Carnival: Marie Feast


The Marie Feast is one of Venice’s most ancient traditions. The theories upon its start are various, but it seems it was introduced during the 10th century (even if we have proof of its existence starting for 1039).

They say that it started on the day of Mary’s purification, the 2nd of February, that was used to bless twelve beautiful poor young girls of Venice. The Doge himself loaned them the city’s treasures, and rich families contributed to their dowry.

The party had many variations across the years, until the Marie totally disappeared and were replaced by wood figured. The tradition died out and was revived almost six centuries later in 1999 with some variants.

This year the parade of the twelve Marie will take place during the Carnival period starting from San Pietro in Castello at 14.00 and reaching San Marco Square at 16.00.

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