Bestiario Contemporaneo Exhibition (Contemporary Bestiary)


Another event realized during the 55th Venice Biennale. It’s Bestiario Contemporaneo (Contemporary Bestiary), an exhibition that will be held in Venice’s Museum of Natural History. It opened just a few days ago, and it will remain so up until October 24th in the Santa Croce Sestiere.

This exhibition was born from a collaboration between ACACIA-Amici Arte Contemporanea Italiana and the Fondazione Musei Civici Veneziani. Bestiario Contemporaneo wants to build a bridge between contemporary art and natural science.

We point out the most interesting artworks that you will get the chance to see. First of all, Paola Piviche‘s Leopardo (leopard), which wonders sinuously among cups of cappuccinos. The second is Maurizio Cattelan‘s Musicanti di Brema, a reference to an old fairy tale.

Bestiario Contemporaneo is a fascinating exhibition which can be visited by adults and kids alike. To see it, do not forget to book your stay with Albergo Marin!