Hotel Albergo Marin becomes a SKY hotel


Starting form July 2012 at Hotel Marin we are proud of our new special service we wish to give to our loved guests for free: a complete set of SKY tv channels. May be some of you couldn’t be interested in that, but it allows you to watch international programs in the original language or in english. All our rooms have now tv color with SKY tv connection, and you can see everything but specail contents, which can be bought in pay per view at following prices:

  • sport contents (soccer games): 5.00 euro per event
  • adult contents: 8.00 euro per event
  • movies: 10.00 euro per event

If you wish to buy a particular content it’s very easy: you can contact our reception by dialing number 9 on your room phone and give us the code of the event you want to see, or send a sms to the number you see in your room. In both the two case you pay the event at departure from the hotel (we do not see which event you are watching).
We also remind you it  is possible to see several events in the lobby or at our bar: you can read daily program on the blackboard you find at the entrance, and come downstair a thte roght time to watch your favourite program (i.e. London 2012 olympic games can be seen at our bar for free). External guests can access our bar, asking the receptionist and paying a mandatory drink.

We wish you a good vision and we hope this service can be important for your Venice hotel choice anytime you wish to visit our amazing city, especially if you are loooking fr  a SKY hotel in Venice.

Attention: SKY TV has no extra costs but pay per view events. Apartments do not offer SKY tv (but San Marcuola, even if it has no pay per view).