Adele Fornoni Bisacco Collection


Burano’s merletti (laces) are among the most renowned in the whole world, and they constitute one of the heritages that characterize Venice. In Burano you can also find the Merletti Museum, within which you will be able to find a temporary exhibition with the Adele Fornoni Bisacco Collection.

The latter is composed of 50 pieces, every one of which has been collected by the noblewoman Adele Fornoni Bisacco Palazzi (1869 – 1968) throughout her life. The laces have been preserved with meticulous care, and they constitute one of the museum’s most important treasures. Through the exhibition you will travel through the history of the ancient art of laces thanks to specimen not only from Venice, but from all over Europe.

According to schedule they will remain visible only up until the 28th of April.

If you want to see the Adele Fornoni Bisacco Collection and the Merletti Museum, do not forget to book your stay with Albergo Marin